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Beautiful Homes

All homes are beautiful, they speak volumes about the individuals that live in them. We all wish for our homes to be inviting and comfortable. We want to be able to enjoy quality time with our family and yet feel proud to welcome our friends into an inspirational space.

We have worked in all manner of homes including funky flats and architecturally interesting apartments, small cosy properties to large sprawling estates. Some of which are quaint and traditional whilst others are state of the art, high tech and very modern.

Office & Business

Working on business premises is very different from providing a home consultation as clients that need soft furnishings for business premises often have little time to invest. We appreciate the importance of being punctual and respectful of our clients business. We have a good reputation for ensuring that our works are implemented efficiently and with minimal disruption to the working environment of the customer.

We have worked for some important companies over the years supplying beautiful curtains and blinds for modern offices and a number of large country houses that have been converted into business premises.


What People Say

"It is now just over two years since we started the extensive refurbishment at our home. The finishing touches have been made all the more enjoyable because of your advice and enthusiasm. Everyone that comes to the house remarks on the design and quality of the soft furnishings which is entirely due to your company. However design service does not just relate to the finished product. Your advice during the early fabric selection and design stage was invaluable and indeed you made what can be a tense time very humorous but at all times professional."

Mr and Mrs I. from Chobham, Surrey

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